Private Swimming Classes
Lekki | Ikoyi | Banana Island

  • If you ever tried learning to swim and you were not successful at it…. It is the fault of your swimming instructor. 
  • I have often heard that learning to swim is easier for children than adult. I do not share this fallacy because all my private adult swimmers start swimming from class number 1.

My success rate as measured by the number of students that successfully learn to swim in 10 classes divided by Total number of Student is 100%. 

10 Private Classes (Adult and Children) – NGN100,000 only

We give discounts for multiple registrations

Coach Tayo

President and Founder, Crawford Swimming World

A Certified Private Swimming Coach with over 16 years active Swim coaching.

A  Mathematician and Investment Banker turned Swimming Coach.

Private Swimming Instructor in Banana Island, Lekki and Ikoyi