Welcome to the Crawford Swimming Family. See Class Details Below

We teach all adult and our children classes start from 4 yrs old

Swim Class Pricing and Validity Period

Validity means that you need to have finished using up the 10 classes within 6 month. The class booking App only allows you to use the class within 6 months only.

Class Days are Saturdays & Sundays Only (9am to 4pm) Each class is for 1hr

The Swim classes across all our locations are based on a schedule. Our registered swimmers usually would book a time slot on our Class scheduling App before they come for a class. This ensures classes are never crowded.

Our Maximum Class size is 2 Swimmers to a coach for the 1 hour session.

AC DETAILS:5403457235 Crawford Veritas Providus Bank

How to Register ……. Once payment is made, Kindly send- Swimmers names, Email address and Mobile number