Are you looking for a personalised / flexible swimming pool treatment service that is pocket friendly in Lagos and Abuja.
We bring science into the art of water treatment. With over 20 years of pool treatment experience coupled with swimming trainings and water fitness , we are the best choice for homes hotels and organisations.

We start our service by performing a proper measurement of the volume of water in your swimming pool, which is a key determinant in number of hours that your swim pool need to run for and the quantity of chemicals to add to the pool.

A lot of swimming pool owners in Lagos have been wasting money due to the excessive use or wastage of chemicals by your current pool attendant. We ensure the right quantity of chemicals is applied to the water helping to cut back on cost of chemicals.

We also build swimming pool in Lagos at record time. Our pools are built with commercial standards I.e very strong with an average life span of 50 years

You can call us for an assessment

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