How to prepare Swimming Clubs for the Competitions

Swimming Lesson Lagos

Swimming Lesson Lagos

Swimming clubs in Nigeria and especially in Lagos has been on the increase since the renewed interest of the Nigerian government in revamping the Swimming pool in Lagos at the National Stadium and the sponsorship of Swimming Competitions in Lagos gala and the Abuja regattas.

It is because of this increase that Crawford Swimming World has put together a thought article on how to properly prepare for a Swimming competition in Lagos Nigeria. The article provides a unique guidance for swimmers and swim Parents in the conduct of a swimming meet.

The most important thing to watch out for during swimming competitions is the athlete’s nerves. There is a high chance that the athlete will be nervous. If your swimmer is new to swimming meets, it’s extremely likely that he/she will be anxious. This is why its necessary for a swimming to attend the right swimming lessons in Lagos.

Majority of age grade swimmers from swimming clubs in Lagos Nigeria will get anxious – from the most youthful up to our universally experienced senior world class squad.

Getting Nervous is not an awful thing, in fact it helps swimmers get ready for a race. The most important thing to work on into the minds of any swimmer from your swim club is not to give the nerves a chance to assume control, and transform into intense fear.

Keep your swimmer’s minds occupied with some motivational audios or fast paced music. Always advice every swimming club members not to invest energy ruminating about the race until its near start of the swim event.

Dehydration should be nicked in the butt immediately before all swimmers leave the swimming club house on the swim meet event day. Ensure that all your swimmers are properly hydrated. Every swimmer should carry a water can or bottle around taking occasional sips of water before and after each events.

Every swimming club manager or coach need to ensure that Swimmers should pack their individual gear for swim meets, including a swim trunk (and an extra).

Every swimmer should pack an extra sets of goggles, pool shoes, two towels, tracksuit (or some shorts/tracksuit bottoms), a change of garments for after the swimming competition.

Immediately Swimmers arrive at the swim meet, the coach should immediately inform all swimmers of the swim meet schedule of events.

Before your club arrives at the swimming pool in Lagos where the event will take place,Swimmers ought to be informed what races they are contending in, and make themselves acquainted with the swim meet program of events before the warm up sessions.

Crawford’s advice to swim parents – You need to be ready for everything. Get everything conceivable that your child will need for the swimming Lagos meets. Everything should be prepared the night before the swim meet.