Fate has indeed brought you here!!! ….. For you to have found this Swimming Made Easy program.

Because, I have put together very-deep-seated truths that has been very difficult for many coaches to put into descriptive words.

I have discovered in my 22 Years of teaching Swimming classes in Nigeria that ….. Unless the coach is able to describe the movements and most importantly put into words what it should feel like when you try to move in water; swimming will remain difficult to learn.

I guarantee you that many of the principles and descriptions used in this course cannot be found anywhere.

With your fears in mind, I have thoroughly pour my heart out into creating this video course.

Each Milestone learning point is followed by a safe practice exercises that help you master the movements taught. …… (This is the real gold…. How to practice without needing anyone in the water)

At the end of these videos,….. you will Swim. You can in-turn teach your spouse, friends and Kiddies with the same knowledge.

My name is Tayo Orekoya, Founder and Head Coach of Crawford Swimming World. A swim School that has won several awards for its distinctive teaching style.

The course was carefully crafted under the following Milestones

  • Pool floats needed for self-teaching
  • What you should do when you enter the pool
  • How to remove fear of water
  • How to stand up in water
  • How Breathing happens in Swimming
  • How to practice swimming safely
  • Leg movement (with safe practice instructions)
  • Arm movement (with safe practice instructions)
  • How to combine both leg and arm movement
  • How to remove head out of water (Neck Action)
  • How to combine Leg, Arm and Head