A large number of pool treatment professionals in Lagos, Nigeria have very little idea about Cyanuric acid and its amazing benefits for swimming pool usages.

The chemical has many uses, but it is most popular as an additive or known as a conditioner for chlorine used in outdoor pools.

Astral Chlorine actually contains a small amount of CYA (Cyanuric Acid) called “isocyanurates but the amounts that your swimming pool requires is more than the amount in the Astral Chlorine.

Why do you need a Chlorine Stabilizer?

One you have Cyanuric acid in your swimming pool in Lagos, it reacts with free chlorine molecules in your pool to protect it from UV light and degradation from the sun. This ensures that the chlorine content of your pool is not depleted easily. You will begin to notice that you don’t need to add chlorine to the pool always. The chlorine level of the pool will seem to last longer before you need to add more to the pool.

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