How to Solve a Swimming Pool Problem in Lagos Nigeria

My name is Tayo Orekoya. The mathematician turned swimming coach. In my many years of administering swimming lessons in Lagos and Abuja, the most enjoyable style of swimming that most adult and indeed children love to learn is the breaststroke style of swimming. In this article I will be discussing the step by step guide to swimming an effective breast stroke. As you all know, I believe swimming should be made easy.


The first thing you need to get right is the body positioning in the water. The right body position makes you balanced in the water helping you to become very streamlined, which aids better movement in water.

Throughout your swim stroke, you need to keep your body very straight in the water as would be prudent from your go to your hips, position your head confronting forward and tilted marginally downwards. Pull your stomach in expecting to hold your back as straight as could be expected under the circumstances and your hips as near the surface of the water as could be allowed.



Breathing Technique conveys oxygen to your muscles and helps you to swim more agreeable and productively. As your arm begins the force stage, lift your take off of the water and take in through your mouth. Keep your head and shoulders casual and free from pressure. As you develop your arms forward on the recuperation stage, submerge your head into the water and breathe out gradually through your nose or mouth.

The more grounded your kick method the more impetus you will accomplish, the speedier you will have the capacity to swim accordingly. Flex your foot pulling your toes towards your shins toward the begin of the kick while keeping your heels as near your base as could be expected under the circumstances. As your legs expand outwards and in reverse, push the water in reverse with the soles of your feet to quicken and drive your body advances.

Point your toes toward the end of the kick, as your legs rectify and your lower legs meets up, mean to get the soles of your feet to confront each different as much as lower leg adaptability will permit.

To finish the recuperation period of the kick, twist your legs, keeping your knees as near one another as could be expected under the circumstances while bringing your heels up towards your base. Keep your body casual as you travel through the stroke. A kick board can be utilized to disconnect your legs so as to concentrate on your kick procedure.

How to enhance your stroke strategy for a speedier more productive swim? Amplify your arms at the front of the stroke with your hands turn somewhat outwards, keeping your elbows high, clear your arms outwards, concentrating on getting however much water as could be expected with your hands. Quicken your arms in reverse proceeding with your hang on the water until your hands and lower arms clear inwards before your body.

With your elbows tucked in, extend your arms to the front of the stroke, keeping them as near one another as could reasonably be expected. Finger oars can be utilized to concentrate on enhancing your catch position and your arm pull. A Pull buoy can be utilized to help you concentrate on enhancing your arm pull.

Make sure you try these technics during you next swimming lessons in Lagos to help entrench this knowledge.